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My Name is Lesley, and I'm the Pink Haired Princess, a nickname I've had for a while, and the pink hair for many years before.  I am "mad" about Christmas and love finding the perfect gifts for family and friends.    I hope you find what you are looking for on the site.  Please feel free to contact me with feedback, either positive or negative as I can't change or improve things if I'm not aware.



Growing up Christmas was always a magical time, with what seemed like the biggest tree swamping the living room, sparkling and twinkling with lights.  Decorating the tree and getting out the precious decorations, unwrapping the tissue paper carefully was the highlight.  I have decorations on my tree given to me on my eighteenth birthday, bought on holidays, or reminding me of things my kids have done.  I have a second tree covered with glass ornaments, many of which bought in Germany when my husband took me to the Christmas Markets for my birthday ~ the phrase "kid in a candy shop" best describes my delight that weekend ~ the Tomte featured on the website became a new collection when he bought my first set in Finland as a wedding present.  I love making gifts for family and friends, and when I made my first wreath little did I know a fledgling business was born!

I love making commission items, such as baubles, wreaths etc. customising them to represent the people receiving them.  I also undertake company commissions to create thank you gifts, corporate gifts and corporate collections for reception areas. 


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